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Hydraulics filtration
Donaldson hydraulic filters protect the machinery and components in hundreds of applications -- in the factory and on heavy duty-mobile equipment. 

Our filtration line includes, filter heads, replacement cartridges, Duramax™ spin-ons and hydraulic accessories.
High Pressure Filters
Donaldson heavy-duty high-pressure filters sit behind pumps and other prime movers to protect critical hydraulic components such as cylinders, motors and valves. All contain our SYNTEQ® synthetic filter media, specially developed by Donaldson for high efficiency liquid filtration. Working pressures range from 2000 psi up to 6090 psi; static pressures from 4500 psi up to 12000 psi.
Medium Pressure Filters
Donaldson DURAMAX®, well-known as the highest rated spin-on style filters available, are most often used in return-line positions. As spin-ons, they are particularly well-suited for duplex circuits. Donaldson Synteq® and cellulose media available. DURAMAX working pressures range from 350 psi up to 1000 psi; static pressures from 800 psi up to 2000 psi.
Low Pressure Filters
Low pressure filters are the most commonly used type of filter in hydraulic circuits, used most often as return line filters in applications with working pressures up to 150 psi and static pressure up to 300 psi. Donaldson offers flow/pressure combinations to fit most applications. Continuous filtrations of bulk fluids through dedicated off-line circuits or kidney loops helps keep fuel, oil and lubricants clean.
We now offer you an expanded line of accessories for hydraulic lines and reservoirs! Finish off your hydraulic circuit with filter service indicators, pressure gauges, test points assemblies, valves, flanges, reservoir level gauges, sight glasses, a variety of tank and filler breathers, caps, vents, plugs, strainers, diffusers, magnets and more.
Replacement Filters
Donaldson is proud to offer the broadest selection of hydraulic replacement cartridges and spin-ons on the planet. Choose from our many different filter media to find exactly the right filter to help you meet the cleanliness requirements for your hydraulic system. Need cross-reference? Donaldson has an extensive list! Click “Browse the Catalog” at right to access it.

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