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Sistemi lineari Bosch Rexroth
Profiled Rail Systems
Ball Rail Systems

Rexroth ball rail systems are ball-bearing longitudinal guides. They are available in eight common standard sizes. Our customers fit them to machine tools, industrial robots and to an extremely wide range of special machines.
Roller Rail Systems

Rexroth roller rail systems are compact, roller-bearing linear guides with a very high load capacity and extreme rigidity.
Available in sizes 25 to 125 they are used successfully in a wide range of applications, from machine tools, printing machines and paper manufacturing plants, spraying units and industrial robots, to stamping presses and heavy machinery in general.
Integrated Measuring System for Profiled Rail Systems

The integrated measuring system for ball and roller rail systems is comprised of an AMOSIN-type scanner bolted to the runner block and a scale integrated in the rail.
eLINE Rail Systems eLINE Rail Systems

Rexroth developed the eLINE rail systems as a supplement to its well-known high-performance profiled rail systems specially for the needs of simple handling and positioning movements and light-duty machinery.
Cam Roller Guides Cam Roller Guides 

Rexroth cam roller guides are used in the materials-handling and automation-technology sector. They are designed to run at high speeds (up to 10 meters per second).
Linear Bushings and Shafts
Linear Bushings and Shafts Standard Range

Rexroth linear bushings and shafts have a proven track record extending back several decades in general machinery, special machinery, jigs and numerous special applications. 
Rexroth offers various designs in its standard range.
Linear Bushings and Shafts in Miniaturized Configuration Linear Bushings and Shafts in Miniaturized Configuration

Rexroth developed this series of products in response to demand from numerous machine and system builders for more functionality in less space. The miniaturized configurations are available in seven sizes for shaft diameters from 3 to 16 mm.
eLINE Linear Bushings and Shafts eLINE Linear Bushings and Shafts

The linear bushings and linear sets of the eLINE series are supplied in a clearance-free configuration. They are pre-greased and hence lubricated for life. Components are available for shaft diameters from 8 mm to 40 mm.
Steel Shafts Steel Shafts

The Rexroth range includes shafts with a variety of tolerances made of heat-treatment steel, stainless steel and hard chromium plating. It therefore covers a wide range of applications, including in corrosive environments.
Ball Screw Assemblies
Standard Range Standard Range

Rexroth Ball Screw Assemblies do not only work with greater levels of accuracy and at higher speeds, they can also be supplied at very short notice. 
A wide range of precision screws and preloaded or adjustable-preload single and double nuts is available for all feeding, positioning and conveying tasks.
eLINE Ball Screws eLINE Ball Screws

With eLINE ball screws it is now very easy to realize many different transport applications with standard products where customized solutions were often required in the past. eLINE ball screws are available ex stock, preassembled with nuts in screw-in or flange versions.
Drive Units with Ball Screw Drive Units with Ball Screw

With its AOK, AGK and FAR drive units, Rexroth offers ready-to-install solutions with a driven screw and stationary nut or with a stationary screw and driven nut which meet all the expectations of a classical ball screw in a single unit.
Electromechanical Actuators with Ball Screw

The new series of electromechanical actuators with ball screw from Rexroth enables high feed speeds even with heavy loads.
All important components come from Rexroth's service-proven range of standard products, including three different stepping and servo motors with various performance profiles.
Screw Assembly with Front Lubrication Unit Screw Assembly with Front Lubrication Unit

The new Rexroth VSE front lubrication unit for screw drives in diameters of 20, 25, 32 and 40 offers the lowest Total Cost of Ownership: without maintenance attention or central lubrication it provides optimum lubrication for up to 300 million revolutions or 5 years of operation in normal conditions.
Linear Motion Systems
Ready-to-mount Linear Motion Systems Designed for a wide range of applications running from materials handling technology to light-duty machining jobs in the aluminium, wood and plastics sectors.

Rexroth offers its ready-to-mount Linear Motion Systems with a variety of drive configurations and control systems.
Linear Motion Slides Linear Motion Slides

The ready-to-mount linear motion slides from Rexroth are each comprised of two linear bushings and shafts, a matching carriage, and end plates for fast and easy fixing to the substructure.
Linear Modules Linear Modules

Linear modules are linear axes which are put together from many different mechanical, electronic and electrotechnical components. Depending on the type, the linear modules are driven by ball screws, toothed belts, pneumatic systems, gear rack drives or linear motors.
Compact Modules Compact Modules

The ready-to-install Compact Modules from Rexroth cover the entire medium and upper range for assembly and handling systems. The linear axes are driven optionally by ball screw, toothed belt or direct linear drive and feature high dynamics, load capacities and rigidities. 
eLINE Compact Modules eLINE Compact Modules

With its eLINE compact module types eCKK and eCKR, Rexroth has considerably simplified selection, assembly and above all start-up for users.
Precision Modules Precision Modules

The combination of rail system and ball screw in a compact main body results in efficient linear modules with very small dimensions yet high performance. The miniaturized PSK systems meet demands for speed and precision on modern production machines.
Bridge Modules Bridge Modules

Bridge modules are useful supplements to the wide range of linear motion systems. They are ideally suited to serve as single axes for spanning large distances. Depending on the type, the bridge modules are driven by ball screw or toothed belt.
Feed Modules Feed Modules

The feed modules from Rexroth are suitable for use in handling applications as vertical axes or actuators. The low dead weight needing to be moved by these complete linear units means that they require less drive power and can perform extremely precise, infinitely variable positioning tasks.
Mini Slides Electrically driven Mini Slide MSC-EL

The ready-to-install, electrically driven MSC-EL Mini Slides from Rexroth was developed for the automated handling of small parts, in particular also in conjunction with rotary modules and mechanical grippers. It is also integrated in the building system for handling solutions camoLINE.
Ball Rail Tables Ball Rail Tables

The TKK and TKL ball rail tables from Rexroth are ready-to-install solutions for linear motion tasks with exacting requirements on rigidity.
Controls, Motors Controls, Motors

Rexroth offers different controls and motors to match its linear motion systems. Control and motor are coordinated to produce ideal interface solutions without the user needing to get involved.
Multi-Axis Systems – Handling & Machining
Other Products
Ball Transfer Units Ball Transfer Units 

Rexroth ball transfer units allow unit loads to be pushed, turned and steered with ease. They have been fully tried and tested as key modules of conveyor and feed systems, machining units and packing lines.
Ball Transfer Units with Sheet Steel Housing Ball Transfer Units with Sheet Steel Housing

The ball transfer unit with sheet steel housing is the smallest ball transfer unit. It is a versatile solution for various applications.
Ball Transfer Units in Miniaturized Configuration Ball Transfer Units in Miniaturized Configuration

Rexroth is supporting the trend to the miniaturization of conveying and automation systems with miniaturized configurations. The range includes e.g. compact motion elements with 17 and 23 mm outer diameter.
Tolerance Rings Tolerance Rings

Tolerance rings made of hard, embossed spring band steel are frictional-locking connection elements. Rexroth tolerance rings allow components to be connected quickly and cost-effectively. They replace elaborate positive-locking feather-key, pin, spline or screw-in connections, and help avoid expensive machining work.

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