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Radiatori Nrf
NRF offers a full range of radiators and heaters for passenger, truck, bus, and "off highway" applications. These are manufactured in aluminum/plastic, copper/plastic, and copper/brass depending on the specific usage. 

Using NRF’s Research & Development facilities all products are tested in our high technology wind tunnel to insure that the design and manufacturing provides maximum performance. Our design and production is used both for original equipment and after market customers with equal diligence.
Climate control
NRF offers a full range of OE quality Mobile AC products and shop-equipment. Technically spoken, an AC system does not produce cold air but it absorbs heat (cold is an absence of heat).

By evaporating a liquid (refrigerant) in the car's interior, heat is absorbed. The evaporated refrigerant is then transported to the engine compartment where it, after a pressure increase, condenses.

During this condensation it rejects the stored heat (which was absorbed in the interior). After condensation, the liquid refrigerant travels to the the interior compartment where it, after a pressure drop, evaporates. The whole process starts again (to cycle).
Cooling fans
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Radiator cores
NRF prides themselves with a 75 year history as a core manufacturer for every imaginable application. NRF standard cores (both copper/brass and aluminum) are available in the NRF catalog in over 2,500 part numbers.

Additionally, with over 10 different fin systems, tubes, and material thickness NRF is able to custom make a cores for almost any application. These "specials" are normally made on a same day basis and NRF normally delivers within 24 hours anywhere in Europe.

Our 99% + delivery history requires cellular manufacturing, precision logistics, planned stock management and above all …. flexibility to meet the customer’s demand.
Charge aircoolers
NRF manufactures charge air coolers (ie. intercoolers) for replacement truck market as well as for specialty Original Equipment applications. The purpose of the charge air coolers to increase engine performance through higher air intake.

NRF charge air coolers are made in fully brazed aluminum and the cores depth for our AS200 system is available in three sizes (40, 50, and 62 mm). Maximum core dimension for which a special order core can be made is 1000 x 937 mm. 
Oil coolers
Oil coolers are used to cool oil and hydraulic fluids used in engines, fuel oil (diesel), transmissions, power steering, hydraulic pumps, drives and other hydraulic equipment. NRF offers a large range of oil coolers for automotive, truck, agricultural and industrial heavy duty ‘off road’ applications both for Original Equipment and Service. 

NRF supplies a variety of oil coolers which include:

Concentric & Plate Oil Cooler
Manufactured mainly to cool the automatic transmission of automobiles and are located inside the plastic or metal tanks of a radiator. The water coolant inside the radiator cools the automatic transmission fluid inside the oil cooler. These are available in a large variety of sizes and performance depending on the cooling need. 

Donut™ Oil Cooler
Modine’s “DONUT” ™, water-cooled engine oil cooler is engineered to reduce the high oil temperatures encountered in today’s high performance diesel and gasoline engines. Typical applications include cars, trucks, and vans, agriculture, construction and industrial equipment. It can be used alone or can replace or supplement existing coolers, and because the cooler’s design permits its installation at the oil filter location of most engines, additional oil lines and complicated water manifolds are unnecessary. Its “Lo-Profile” design makes it especially ideal for under hood applications where space limitations are critical. NRF’s large range include five universal models which can easily be adapted for small series use.

Allbraze™ Aluminum Brazed Oil Cooler
Mainly used for automotive and stationary engines. It can be used for oil and hydraulic applications in a medium pressure range. It’s advantages include compact size and high efficiency.

Bar & Plate Oil Cooler 
Used for industrial and off highway oil and hydraulic applications requiring high pressure and build to operate in extreme working conditions.
NRF supplies top qualtity products since it's foundation in 1927, This is certainly true for the U-shaped boxcooler, a NRF invention from the early sixties. The NRF boxcooler is without equal. The strength of NRF is "the everything under one roof" formula where all disciplines such as, thermal design, strength calculation, engineering and production take place on our own premises. NRF 's software can calculate and design the most optimal boxcooler for any practical situation one can think of. All technological developments are directly adapted in our computer programs. 

In 1959, NRF introduced the first box cooler. The product was developed in consultation with Geveke Motoren at Papendrecht and Dolderman BV at Dordrecht. Since no patent was taken out on this invention, competitors now also produce box coolers. However, no one has yet equal the quality of NRF's box cooler. That is evident from the many thousands of ships around the world that have them. 

The idea behind the NRF box cooler is unique and has not changed essentially since 1959. The box cooler is simple, environmentally-friendly device, which requires little maintenance. It cools better than other makes under all conditions and gives years of problem-free performance. In addition, it is compact and easy to install. This is why countless shipyards, ship builders, ship brokers, repair yards, shipowners and private owners rely on box coolers from NRF.

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