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Brake pads

Brake pads
Brake pads

fully integrated manufacturing strategy makes this range possible by having available in-house the production of related components such as backing plates and accessories. 

HPT (High pressure treatment)A new manufacturing process has been recently implemented in Remsa factories codenamed HPT (High Pressure Treatment). Now pads are scorched with electrical heated steel table system at 650ºC and accelerated heat interchange applying 10.000 N press force per brake pad thus ensuring that the complete surface of the pad is evenly cured. This process provides a shorter bedding-in period and an efficient brake operation just upon installation as typical O.E.M. pads performance required to work the most severe conditions. 
•HPT Involves extreme heat and pressure to scorch the pad surface 1 to 2 mm deep, which increases bedding-ability.
•HPT means safety because avoids the crystallization process typical of friction materials losing braking performance along the useful product life.
•HPT is healthy for the environment. During the scorching process, gases emitted are treated by post-bur process till they are rendered harmless. Is this process wouldn't be done in our production plant, the drivers would suffer it negatives effects during the brake bedding in period and the gases would go up to the atmosphere.

Brake pads


R&D department is continuously testing both new friction material prototypes as uniformity production checking. Comprehensive Road and full scale dynamometer test bench AK-Master test evaluates the quality of Remsa brake pads searching the best performance and going beyond of the O.E. results of some of the most popular and extended European vehicles such as AK-Master shown on the next page. 

Brake pads

ADT. Alpine descent test
Alpine descent tests are fundamental in the development and research process of new friction material. These tests are usually performed by Remsa technical drivers in Austrian Alpine mountain called Grossglockner (Edelweisspitze 2571 m.) with a 12% average slope and 18% at the maximum fall. 

At the same time as new materials are tested on this road, several samples of the running production are checked following the same protocol and severe conditions as COP (conformity of production verification). 
•Slow descent test: 
- Medium speed 40 Km/h (top speed 80 km/h).
- Long.: 16 Km.
- Time: 23 min.
- Final temperature: 600� C.
•Speed descent test: 
- Medium speed 60km/h (top speed more than 120 Km/h)
- Long: 16 Km,
- Time: 15� 36��.
- Final temperature: 800� C (more than 500� C since 10 corner).

Brake pads

Industrial supportToday Remsa is regarded to be the top of European IAM (Independent aftermarket) friction materials manufacturers, with a production volume of over 18 million pads set a year.
Brake shoes
Varnished metal supportThe REMSA shoe has a metal support which has been treated with high-resistance varnish which gives the part a very high level of rust protection. 

Phenol adhesiveThe use of a phenol adhesive allows the friction material to adapt perfectly to the metal support, thus giving much higher shear strenght values than those required by the European standards.

Friction materialAn organic mixture composed of new elements of the highest quality, without asbestos And without heavy metals, which is ideal to maintain a stable rate of friction, free of fading and noise.

REMSA brake shoe accesoriesThe REMSA brake shoe can come with a variety of optional accessories, such as an adjustment kit (to adapt the shoe to the drum), handbrake lever, etc., all necessary for correct assembly.


Inkjet printing enables clear marking on the metal support of the product code, standardisation code 
ECE R-90 and traceability code.

1.Reference and Aplication
2.Traceability code
3.Bar code
4.Brand Name
5.Standardisation ECE R90
6.Diagram of part
7.Quantity inside

Discs and drums
Mechanisation of the friction surfaceThe mechanisation process of the friction surface is carried out with the help of state-of-the-art machinery which enables us to guarantee the product's warp tolerance.

Raw material selectionThe use of a pearl grey mixture with laminated graphite enables the disc to withstand the highest of temperatures. In ventilated discs, the cooling system is improved by rotary blades which enable air to circulate through the interior part of the disc.

Fixing holesThe precision of the diameter of the fixing holes allows total accuracy in centring the disc on the vehicle's axle, which guarantees optimum quality in the assembly.

Heat evacuation channelThis feature of the disc complies with all the quality standards set by car manufacturers and avoids possible strain or distortion caused by high temperatures.

AlignmentA precise control of friction surface alignment allows a reduction in vibration which guarantees a high level of comfort during braking.
Super/Precision Kit

Technical support
Remsa�s Super Precision Kit assures an efficient braking replacing all the dynamic components taking part in the brake drum system.

Remsa checks the Super Precision Kit right working with the exclusive quality control system Spring Test.

Saving fitting time: 48%. Avoids mistakes in fitting out. The new Super/Precisi�n Kit allows to choose properly the references according to the vehicle application requested

Super Precision Kit avoids the old pieces reuse

Super/precisi�n Kit

Marketing support
Super / Precision Kit�s program covers in a 98% the European market share 100% R-90 homologations in the Precision Kit range.

The innovate design and the quality of packaging of Remsa show an attractive product distinguishing itself between the others manufacturers its reduced dimensions favour the storage.

Remsa, always provided a valued added: quality in products, quality in service and quality in its after-sale.

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