NGK Spark Plugs has been developing spark plug technology since the 1930s and manufacture plugs for every type of automotive engine, as well as for motorcycles, marine, horticultural, plant and many other applications. In fact NGK produces and stocks over 1,000 different types of spark plug and every product matches even the most demanding manufacturers’ specifications.



NGK produces over 1,000 different types of spark plugs for every type of automotive engine as well as for motorcycles, marine, power sport, and many other applications. This is why the NGK product range has the right product for nearly every engine and every demand!
Types of spark plugs
  • Iridium spark plug
  • Platinum spark plugs
  • Spark plugs with multiple ground electrodes
  • Spark plugs with V-groove in the center electrode
  • Spark plugs with supplementary spark gap
  • Semi-surface ignition type spark plugs
  • Hybrid spark plugs
  • Racing spark plugs
  • LPG/CNG spark plugs

Spark Plug Requirements

As the main source of power in any petrol engine, a spark plug performs an essential function: It is responsible for igniting the air-fuel mixture in the combustion chamber of petrol engines. This combustion process creates power, ultimately setting the vehicle in motion.


NGK is constantly expanding its expertise, setting new standards in glow plug technology. Glow plugs are mandatory to ensure a perfect engine start, especially in cold conditions. Under a certain temperature, the engine will not start without well-performing glow plugs.
Glow Plug Technologies

Diesel engine glow plugs are basically differentiated between metal rod glow plugs and ceramic glow plugs. The two technologies have special characteristics in regard to thermal behavior. As many car manufacturers are not prepared to compromise on the quality and performance of their diesel glow plugs, they choose the proven NGK technology.

Safe start-up from low ambient temperatures
Low emissions during warm-up phase
Stable idling running before engine reaches operating temperature
High-quality coating on shell for high resistance to corrosion
Unique shell design for excellent heat transfer, perfect gas-tight sealing, high shear torque, and high resistance to deformation and security of the heating coils

Types of Glow Plugs
  • Metal rod glow plugs
  • Ceramic high-temperature glow plugs

Glow Plug Requirements

In order to guarantee that the temperature necessary for self-ignition is reached even in harsh conditions, such as frost or cold-starting, additional heat must be introduced to the combustion chamber. Known as pre-glowing, this process is mastered perfectly by a glow plug. In that sense, the glow plug functions like an immersion heater, introducing electrical energy and heating it up to extremely high temperatures of up to 1350°C.