Perkins engines 400 Series

Our Perkins engines 400 Series is designed to give optimised performance and robust technology for the smaller, compact engine sector. Our industrial engines in the series are a world engine, manufactured on three continents.

They’re designed to meet global emissions standards, from unregulated to EU Stage IIIB/U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final. Electric power engines in the series achieve regulated and unregulated emission standards globally.

2 Cylinder
The 2 cylinder 402D-05 model is the smallest Perkins engine, designed to combine performance and low operating costs in an ultra-compact package.

3 Cylinder
The 3 cylinder 403-07 model is one of Perkins smallest engines, combining performance, low operating costs and an ultra-compact package.

4 Cylinder
The 4 cylinder 404-22 model sits at the top of the 400 Series engine range. It combines high performance, low operating costs and a compact package.

Perkins industrial engines