Perkins engines M92B series

Perkins engines M92B series, with excellent power-to-weight ratios, give boat designers and fitters all the flexibility they need when it comes to new boat design or re-power installations for pleasure craft.

They offer excellent reliability and fuel economy, while being clean, quiet and smooth in operation. Low noise, rapid starting and low emissions are achieved with advanced combustion systems that allow for precise, multiple injections within each combustion cycle, reducing fuel use and lowering emissions.

4.4 litre
64 kW at 2400 rpm
Peak torque 308 Nm at 1200 rpm
Based on 1104 range

Clean, quiet, smooth operation
Improvements of up to 3 dBA have also been made with noise over its predecessor. This has been achieved through product developments.

Ease of installation
Engines designed to permit a wide range of operating angles in both conventional and vee-drive installations.

Ease of maintenance
Easy access to all routine service points and service intervals of 500 hours ensures our engines are in use for longer.

Excellent power-to-weight ratio
Engines that are the most compact packages in their class, offering boat design flexibility both for new builds and for repower installations.

Lower operating costs
Engines with exceptionally low fuel consumption. And engines designed to be fuel tolerant, including kerosene, jet aviation fuel and B20 biofuel (RME).

Reliability and durability
High-capacity heat exchanger with cupro-nickel tubestack ensures low operating temperatures for reliability and durability. Gear-driven engines and raw water pumps give reliable cooling and leak-free operation

Perkins marine engines