Cutting-edge design. Performance at maximum efficiency. Production according to the highest quality OEM. These are the standards that characterize the range of DENSO spare parts, thanks to which the most advanced technologies in the sector are also available for the Aftermarket.

Denso aftermarket spare parts

Denso spare parts for engine cooling includes cooling radiators, heater cores, intercoolers, cooling fans, cabin blower fans, condensers

Denso cooling radiators

DENSO Radiators – co-developed with air conditioning experts – are able to meet every running requirement, even under the most challenging environmental conditions.

Cooling Radiator are smaller, lighter and offer greater heat exchange efficiency than most other brands

100% OE quality: matches original equipment specification

Denso heater cores

A heater core is installed in both climate controlled and heater-only vehicles, to provide heat to the cabin. High temperature engine coolant provides heat when the cabin fan control is switched on from the dashboard.

Denso intercooler

The intercooler is a heat exchanger that cools the air leaving the turbocharger. Their use is increasing due to the growth of supercharged engines. Continually enhanced design to reduce fuel consumption and emissions.

Denso cooling fans

100% OE quality: specified to original equipment standards
Co-developed with air conditioning experts: ability to cope with extreme environmental conditions
Rigorous testing: ensures long-lasting, efficient performance
Solenoid valves fitted with sensors: only activate the fan when necessary to avoid unnecessary fuel consumption
Accurate fluid dynamics calculations: guarantee increased efficiency while reducing noise

Denso cabin blower fans

Containing an impeller and electrical motor, the Cabin Blower Fan generates a flow of air which passes through the A/C unit and into the vehicle cabin, to cool or heat it.

The amount of air generated by the Cabin Blower Fan depends on the air permeability of the external air intake, the air conditioning unit, the air ducts in the cabin/cockpit module, and the cabin itself. Highest quality, specified to strict DENSO standards

Denso condensers

Integrate seamlessly with the vehicle’s original air conditioning system
Premium aluminium construction limits internal corrosion, extending A/C system life
Superior fin wave design optimises heat transfer and refrigerant condensation
Less power required from the compressor, aiding fuel economy

Denso thermostats

Thermostats are an important step towards completing the DENSO offer in the Motor Thermal sector.

DENSO Engine Thermostats offer OE quality, reliability and durability. The range has recently been extended and the current 196 codes allow coverage of around 70% of the European vehicle fleet (including the Eastern countries).