Deutz engines and spare parts

For more than a century DEUTZ has been distributing on the market Deutz diesel engines and spare parts for industrial, agricultural, stationary and vehicular applications with power ranging from 10 to 565 kW.

Deutz engines are available in a wide range of models, from 2 to 8 cylinders, with a variety of unit displacements, with power ranging from 10 to 565 kW, in different constructive solutions (in line or V) and with different cooling systems (air, air-oil, liquid) complying with almost all the worldwide existing control emission regulations.

Furthermore, some engine models are orderable in Power Pack version: the engine is supplied with the cooling systems, designed, built and installed by DEUTZ, already assembled and mounted on the engine.

Application fields

The engines for industrial applications are used to motorize:

  • construction machines

  • material handling machines

  • drilling machines

  • earth-moving machines

  • railway systems

  • airport systems

Industrial engines have to combine compactness, high performances, low emissions, versatility and high reliability.

The engines for agricultural purposes are used to motorize:

  • tractors

  • tilling machines

  • sowing and harvest machines

  • machines for the transportation and distribution of fertilizers and feed

  • food processing machines

Agricultural engines are unique in compactness, high performances, low emissions, versatility and high reliability.

The engines for stationary applications are used in energy production plants and/or to power emergency or pumping stations in every place or need. They are mainly used for:

  • emergency and continuous power production generating sets

  • motor pumps for water and industrial liquids

  • irrigation systems

  • fire fighting systems

  • industrial process plants

  • air compression systems

Durability and total reliability are basic requirements for stationary engines in order to guarantee energy availability, especially in emergency conditions.

Any existing commercial road system used for the transportation of passengers and goods is equipped with a vehicular engine.

Our diesel engines are suitable also for this use, as they comply with the latest control emission regulations and contribute to reduce harmful gases killing our cities and the environment.

DEUTZ is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of innovative drive systems. Its core competences are the development, production, distribution and servicing of diesel, gas and electric drivetrains for professional applications.

Lubricating oil, fuel, air – filtration is vital to your engine´s overall performance and reliability. Genuine DEUTZ filters provide the highest quality, best filtration performance and long service life. For your engine, this means optimum protection, consistent engine performance and low fuel consumption.


All combustion engines need clean air for optimum performance: A modern diesel engine requires about 15,000 liters of air – for each liter of fuel that is burned! DEUTZ Air Filters provide reliable filtration of combustion air, preventing that dust can enter the engine and cause increased wear and fuel consumption, loss of performance and higher emissions. The perfect protection for your engine.
Product features

Highest degree of filter fineness
Secure filtration of dirt particles in the micrometer size range

Filter medium with impregnation protection and high tear strength
Extended filter life time and prevention of cracks in the filter medium

Optimum folding geometry
Large amount of paper can be fitted into a very small space – allows for high dirt holding capacity and durability as well as optimum filtration throughout the entire change interval

Special paper embossing and creasing
Ensures sufficient distance between pleats – the filter surface is available for dirt absorption for the entire duration of the air filter interval

Neatly produced and glued bellow ends
High filtration level and reduced wear


Clean engine oil is essential for preserving the performance and reliability of your engine. This is why you should rely exclusively on high-quality, genuine parts when it comes to replacing the oil filter. Genuine DEUTZ Oil Filters provide reliable filtration and protect the engine from wearing and damage caused by dust, soot and other particles. The best protection for your engine!
Product features

Large filter surface and consistently high filtration efficiency
High dirt capacity and optimum filtration performance throughout the entire service interval

Precisely opening overflow valve
Ensures sufficient supply of oil even when the maximum filter capacity is reached and prevents premature opening of the valve – a common problem with low-quality filters

Corrosion resistant housing with high compressive strength and high quality seals 
Safe protection against leakage

High tear resistance of the filter medium
Prevents tearing and entry of unfiltered oil into the engine

Special coating
Protection against water and aggressive chemical components of the oil – prevents filter from becoming prematurely brittle or clotted

Anti-drain lock
Prevents the filter from draining when the engine has been switched off, thus ensuring sufficient oil is available when restarting.


Modern fuel injection systems require the highest fuel quality: Poorly filtered fuel can compromise an engine´s performance and fuel consumption as well as shorten its life cycle, and can eventually lead to a total breakdown of the fuel injection system. This is why DEUTZ Fuel filters provide highly efficient separation of harmful particles and water – the perfect protection for your engine.
Fuel pre-filter

Perfect water separation of > 93%
Ensures anti-corrosive protection of feed pump and injection system

Reliable particle separation
Extends the life lifetime of the main filter and protects the feed pump against excessive wear

Easily operable manual pump with high performance
Fast and comfortable maintenance

Integrated water collecting space
Reduced liability to leakage

Optional pre-heater
Prevents diesel fuel gelling and ensures consistent engine performance

Main filter

Finest particle separation
Secure protection of the sensitive injection units

Large filter surface
High dirt capacity and optimum filtration performance for the entire duration of the filter interval

Special coating
Ensures a long product life cycle lifetime

Corrosion resistant housing with high pulsation and pressure resistance
High filter reliability and protection against leaks