Perkins engines

The Perkins industrial engine product range extends from the compact 400 Series engine, producing 50 kW (67 hp), to the 1200 Series, producing up to 240 kW (320 hp) and offering enhanced productivity and low cost of ownership.

Beyond that, the Perkins electric power and gas engine range includes further models up to the 4000 Series, which produce up to 2500 kVA (2000 kWe).

Across the ranges, there are Perkins engines designed to meet all emission standards and performance requirements in more than 800 applications. All of them can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of individual equipment manufacturers. We also offer the full range of Perkins engine parts for every application.


Perkins industrial engines

Perkins engines increase the performance and productivity of your machines. The BU Sales team will help you to find the right engine as well as the appropriate additional components for your project and will support you with comprehensive installation and application advice.

Our 400 Series is a proven family of engines designed to give optimised performance and robust technology for the smaller, compact engine sector. Our industrial engines in the series are a world engine, manufactured on three continents.

They’re designed to meet global emissions standards, from unregulated to EU Stage IIIB/U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final. Electric power engines in the series achieve regulated and unregulated emission standards globally.

Perkins industrial engines

Perkins engines for power generation

For more than 85 years, Perkins has been manufacturing engines for power aggregates and generators; the company is one of the world market leaders in the Electric Power (EP) segment. Whether standby generators or emergency power generators, peak load capacitors, primary power generation or percussive motors, Perkins provides efficient and reliable solutions for your application.

Perhaps you need an engine to operate in a difficult environment or in extreme conditions. Perhaps it will only be used in an emergency. But whether it’s running every day or once a year, you can count on our skills to create innovative, efficient and reliable solutions regardless of your application.

  • Perkins Engine 400 Series (6 – 36 kVA)
  • Perkins Engine 1100 Series (33 – 220 kVA)
  • Perkins Engine 1200 Series (125 – 250 kVA)
  • Perkins Engine 1500 Series (220 – 330 kVA)
  • Perkins Engine 2000 Series (400 – 700 kVA)
  • Perkins Engine 4000 Series (820 – 2500 kVA)

Perkins marine engines

Perkins marine engines are known worldwide for their reliability and robustness, and have been used as propulsion engines in recreational boats as well as in professional ships for decades. Perkins marine engines for power generators have all required important international certificates and classifications.

Engine uptime is crucial for you, your crew, your customers and your profits. That’s why Perkins propulsion engines power your boat to any port. The largest range of engines in the industry offers the reliability you need.

Perkins marine engines