Pi-Belt transmission belts

The classic section Pi-Belt V-belts are resistant to temperature and oil, and are antistatic. The core of the belt, which includes both the rubber compression zone and the power-transmitting strands, is wrapped in a fabric covering that ensures protection from external agents (oil, ozone, etc.) and a uniform contact on the pulleys. The classic section Pi-Belt V-belts are produced with reduced and constant length tolerances so that they can be used in uniform series without the need for further selection.

Pi-Belt wrapped V-belts

The conventional V Belts are produced with material of quality and submitted to rigorous controls, that guarantee an elevated duration of life and resistance to the oils, ozone and temperature.
Produced for systems of Trasmission that need compact drive design, they offer more important transmissible powers.

Pi-Belt raw edge V-Belts

Produced with particularly compound, these belts offers high coefficient of adherence, a reduced ray of bending, a good heat dissipation, they offer very high transmissible powers in a compact drive design.
Variable speed belts,produced with fiber reinforced compound, cogged profile.

Pi-Belt high performance raw edge V-belts

Cogged raw edge PI BELT EVOLUTION XP are part of the last generation of V-belts. Produced with EPDM compound and reinforced polyester cables, they are resistant to high temperatures and oil, and are antistatic in accordance with ISO1813.
Compared to conventional toothed belts offer a greater transmissible power, a higher heat resistance. They are particularly suitable for transmissions with high speeds and allow, compared to conventional toothed belts, the realization of even more reliable and durable transmissions.

Pi-Belt synchronous timing belts

Synchronous belt with trapezoidal teeth. The fiberglass cables assures a perfect resistance in traction, with a very limited extension. The elastic and flexible superior covering protects the cables in fiberglass. The inferior nylon cover protects the belt from the repeated contacts between teeth and pulleys. The fabric nylon also reduces the noisiness. Good resistance to the oils of common use and the temperatures among -25°C and + 100°C.

Pi-Belt high performance synchronous timing belts

The EPP belt, Evolution PIBELT Profile, means belt for very high power and torque transmission, with parabolic profile. The advantages of the parabolic profile and reinforced structure and allow to increase the transmissible power up to 100% compared to the standard HTD belt.
This belt is available in EPP8M and EPP14M sizes, Is antistatic according to ISO 9563/BS 2050 and complies with RoHS, REACH.

Pi-Belt synchronous timing belts in polyurethane

Synchronous belt in white polyurethane open end, in rolls or jointed, with different cover on the back (supergrip, linatex, PAZ, PU, etc) Steel cords. Available in the following sections: T5-T10-T20-AT5-AT10-AT20-L-H-HTD 5M-8M-14M-RPP8M-14M. A variety of covering in polyurethane, rubber, foam, pvc, as Linatex, Tenax, Sylomer, Honeycomb, Supergrip and other are available.

Pi-Belt Poly-V belts

Poly-V Belts ultra thin, ultra flexible belt with ribs in the bottom, can be used on smaller, less costly sheaves, high speed drives, serpentine drive design capability. Available in the followings sections PH – PJ – PK – PL.


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