Robuschi centrifugal pumps, PROMIX and PROCHEM, are the perfect solution to convey different types of liquids, offering high fluid dynamics efficiency thanks to their heavy duty features and long life components.


Robuschi centrifugal pumps for chemical and process Industries

robuschi centrifugal pumps

PROCHEM is the perfect equipment for chemical processes, infat it is suitable for the conveyance of clear or slightly cloudy, chemically inert or aggressive liquids and solutions with suspended crystals or fibrous materials and outfitted with closed and recessed open impellers. PROMIX series is the ideal pump series for process industry. The series is capable of conveying liquids with high percentages of suspended soild particles, including sludge and it can be equipped with open, closed and recessed channel impellers.

Centrifugal Pumps Working Principle
Centrifugal pumps are hydraulically operated machines characterised by their ability to transmit energy to fluids (in particular to liquids) through the work of a field of centrifugal forces. Their main purpose is to transfer fluids through an increase in pressure. Centrifugal pumps can have different structures, but their operating principle and fluid dynamic characteristics are always the same.

Schematically, centrifugal pumps are formed of an impeller that rotates inside the casing.
The impeller comprises a series of blades, preferably of a radial design, which transmit kinetic energy to the fluid being pumped.

The casing is equipped with suction and discharge nozzles for the fluid being pumped. The suction nozzle has an axis that corresponds with the impeller’s rotational axis, while the discharge nozzle has a normal axis to the impeller axis, but still lying on the plane passing through the axis itself.

Chemical and Process Pumps

robuschi prochem

Chemical Centrifugal Pumps (RN-RNS, RKN-RKNS series). Capacity up to 2,600 m³/h – Head up to 140 m.

robuschi promix

Process Centrifugal Pumps (RACN, RACNS, RCN-RCPN, RCNS – RCPNS, RKC-RKCS series). Capacity up to 2,000 m³/h – Head up to 80 m.

Robuschi Centrifugal Pumps Operating principle

The fluid being pumped enters continuously through the pump’s suction nozzle at the centre of the impeller. From here it is accelerated in a radial direction as far as the edge of the impeller, where it drains into the casing.

The fluid current is accelerated by the push that the impeller blades, thanks to their curvature, transmit to the current itself. In this way the fluid acquires energy, mainly in the form of an increase in its average speed (kinetic energy).
Inside the casing, the liquid is suitably slowed down thanks to the gradually growing section in the direction of motion.

A section increase such as this is generally obtained by designing the peripheral part of the casing (tube aerator) in a spiral shape with a transverse section (generally a circular, trapezoidal or rectangular shape) that varies from zero up to the value of the discharge nozzle section.

In this way, the kinetic energy held by the fluid is converted into pressure energy.

The casing, from the part opposite the suction nozzle, is closed with the cover. In the central section of the cover, where the shaft passage is located, there is a chamber where the shaft seal is housed.

The seal between the high-pressure zone (inside the casing) and the low-pressure zone (suction nozzle) is achieved through a much reduced clearance created between the impeller and the casing. The impeller and the shaft are cantilevered by two bearings located on the outside of the casing in a special support.

Clear Liquid Centrifugal Pumps


Centrifugal Pump for Clear Liquids. Capacity up to 500 m/h – Head up to 95.

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