Robuschi low pressure screw compressor range is available up to 2,500 mbar(g) of pressure with a maximum air flow of 9,400 m³/h. The Robox Screw package can reach pressure up to 2,500 mbar(g) with specific outlet ports (three different compression ratios) to guarantee the best efficiency consumption in all operating conditions.


Robuschi low Pressure Screw Compressor ROBOX SCREW

robuschi Low Pressure Screw Compressor

Low pressure up to 2,500 mbar(g)
With flexible configurations and enhanced technical features, the Robox Screw low pressure screw compressor unit is the perfect solution for a broad range of environmental and industrial applications.

The Robox Screw is efficient thanks to its unique RSW patented rotors. These reduce the number of revolutions and enhance the capacity to pressure ratio.

It delivers maximum flexibility by operating at optimum efficiency, and low noise emissions. This is achieved as a result of high-efficiency internal compression, silencers and a noise-reducing enclosure. The Robox Screw is easy to install and easy to maintain thanks to its simple and robust construction.

Low life cycle costs
The cost of a screw compressor initially consists of purchasing the equipment and installing it. After that, energy, and maintenance costs round the cost of ownership. Equipment and installation are a one-time expense, while energy and maintenance are continuous costs associated with ownership.

The Robox Screw ensures a high level of efficiency (> 75%) because of a wide low pressure rotation speed range, which reduces energy consumption. In addition, its robust construction and use of minimum parts contributes to high reliability and long intervals between maintenance.

Quiet operation
The optimum efficiency of internal compression, guaranteed by the innovative Robuschi rotor profile, means less noise during the compression phase. The low rotor rotation speed (max 6,000 rpm) and the absence of a step-up gear, guarantee low noise levels from the blower. The Robox is also enhanced with special silencers and a noise-reducing enclosure (also available without sound hood – WL version). These features also allow for easy installation in a variety of applications.

Maximum Energy Efficiency
The innovative and unique profile of Robuschi’s rotors optimises the ratio between capacity (volume) and pressure. This increases the efficiency of the ROBOX screw unit.
Its characteristics ensure high efficiency (>75%) in a wide range of blower rotations (from 100% to 25%) in any working condition. The high efficiency of the ROBOX SCREW plus its reduced maintenance costs guarantee a quick return on the initial investment. In most cases, 2 years on average depending on the application and the operating conditions.

Tailor made
The design of the ROBOX screw can be customized to meet your needs and match your application’s requirements.

Easy installation and maintenance
As it can be transported with a forklift and/or pallet truck, the Robuschi Robox Screw low pressure screw compressor offers easy installation. The electrical system connection is also simple, using the rear auxiliaries’ cabinet for configuration with the controller. Maintenance costs are reduced as every component of the Robox Screw has a simple and robust construction to guarantee a long working life.

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