We offer a wide of Robuschi vacuum pumps, capable of achieving up to 33 mbar (a) and of sucking gas and vapors without contamination from lubricants and with nearly isothermal gas compression.


Robuschi liquid ring vacuum pumps

robuschi vacuum pumps

The liquid ring vacuum pump series assures reduced water consumption, low noise and vibrations, minimum maintenance. The range includes complete groups (KRVS, CRVS, LRVS), especially developed for the vacuum generation in different sectors.

The belt coupling allows to select the vacuum pump at the optimal speed, thus guaranteeing the correct flow rate required by the system, without any waste of energy. The range of vacuum pumps also includes complete KRVS units. They are equipped with a separation tank for the partial recirculation of the service liquid and relative connection pipes (/ P). In the total recirculation version (/ T) the unit is equipped with a heat exchanger.

The separator tank also performs the function of silencing the noise at the pump discharge. The partial recirculation units (/ P) arise from the need to recover a large part of the operating liquid used to feed the pump. The complete KRVS units with total recirculation (/ T) are especially indicated in the case of polluting gases and / or liquids, with consequent disposal problems.

Pressure - Vacuum

robuschi vacuum pumps

Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps. Vacuum up to 33 mbar(a) – Pressure up to 2,000 mbar(g) – Capacity up to 4,200 m³/h.


Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump Packages (CRVS – LRVS series ). Vacuum up to 33 mbar(a). Pressure up to 2,000 mbar(g). Capacity up to 4,200 m³/h.


Liquid Ring Vacuum Units. Vacuum up to 33 mbar(a) – Pressure up to 2,000 mbar(g) – Capacity up to 4,200 m³/h.

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