Stabilus gas springs and dampers

Stabilus represents expertise in the field of motion control. We offer a wide range of reliable products and develop tailor-made solutions for our customers for optimum motion sequences that inspire users.


LIFT-O-MAT Gas Spring (non-locking)

Stabilus gas pressure springs in the LIFT-O-MAT line are used whenever loads need to be lifted or lowered in a controlled manner. They provide force assist and thus ensure optimum weight equalization. With LIFT-O-MAT gas springs, opening and closing doors and lids becomes child’s play. Its damping properties ensure safe and user-friendly motion sequences. The LIFT-O-MAT gas spring is a hydropneumatic adjustment element consisting of a pressure tube, piston rod with piston, as well as a suitable end fitting.

This force can be accurately specified through the individual fill pressure.

Among the advantages of these gas springs – compared with mechanical springs – are their defined speed curve and excellent damping properties, which make handling even heavy lids and doors comfortable. Ease of mounting, compact dimensions, a flat spring characteristic curve and a very broad selection of available strengths and end fittings round out the positive overall picture of LIFT-O-MAT gas springs.

Advantages of LIFT-O-MAT Gas Springs
Broad selection of sizes, force variants, and end fittings
Compact design, small space requirement
Fast and easy assembly
Flat spring characteristic curve; i.e., low force increase, even for high forces or large strokes
Linear, progressive, or degressive spring characteristic curve
Variable locking mechanism (product-specific)
End position lock (extended and compressed)
Additional functions, such as electric switches, stop function, etc. can be integrated

BLOC-O-LIFT Locking Gas Spring

Flaps and lids can be very heavy and hard to operate by hand. Chairs and desks must be adapted to the body height of the individual user to take ergonomic aspects into consideration. In these cases, locking gas springs from Stabilus will provide optimum weight equalization and user-friendly motion sequences during opening, closing, and positioning. Our products in the BLOC-O-LIFT line of locking gas springs are also available with variable locking, either rigid or elastic in the direction of tension or compression, depending on the desired setup.

Function of BLOC-O-LIFT Locking Gas Springs
A special piston / valve system, which separates the two pressure chambers in the spring, allows effortless variable locking. If the valve tappet is released from the outside and the exchange between the pressure chambers is interrupted, the gas spring will lock and hold even heavy loads reliably in the desired position. With the valve open, the linear spring characteristic curve of the BLOC-O-LIFT locking gas springs will provide an even increase in force over the entire range of motion.

Product Variants of BLOC-O-LIFT Locking Gas Springs
BLOC-O-LIFT – standard locking gas springs, elastic locking
BLOC-O-LIFT – gas springs with rigid locking in the direction of tension or compression
BLOC-O-LIFT – locking gas springs with override function, to protect against overload
BLOC-O-LIFT OBT – locking gas springs for safe and comfortable lifting of table tops without actuation
BLOC-O-LIFT T – locking gas springs for height adjustment with even force distribution over the entire stroke.
KOMBI-LIFT – combined functionality of locking and non-locking ranges for special applications
BLOC-O-LIFT actuation systems
STAB-O-MAT / STAB-O-BLOC – special locking gas springs for swivel chair height adjustment



Regardless of whether simple motion dampers should comfortably dampen the opening and closing of lids, or whether vibration dampers are key to preventing damage to machines and keeping applications in an even workflow that is gentle on the material – Stabilus highly developed dampers give comfort in any situation.

Properties/Characteristics of STAB-O-SHOC Dampers
Whether in automotive construction, system design, industrial applications, or in the furniture industry – STAB-O-SHOC dampers from Stabilus are always there when it comes to positively influencing motion and vibrations.

Our broad selection of dampers provides a great variety of types, different dimensions, and numerous end fittings.

STAB-O-SHOC dampers from Stabilus are maintenance-free. Designed for your exacting requirements, they will work without defects for years.


POWERISE – Automatic Lid Drive Systems

Per quanto riguarda i portelloni dei portabagagli, si è mosso qualcosa. L’elevato livello di comfort e sicurezza nell’aprire e chiudere i portelloni dei portabagagli viene completato sempre di più dagli attuatori automatici.

Stabilus sviluppa per questo segmento di mercato non soltanto l’ottimale tecnologia per gli attuatori dei portelloni, ma è responsabile anche per l’intero funzionamento come fornitore di sistema.

For this market segment, Stabilus did not only develop the optimum drive technology for lid drives; as a system supplier, it also assumed the responsibility for the overall function of automatic lid drive systems.
The harmonious interaction of linkage, weight equalization, and electric and electronic components that are suitably coordinated are the basis for the following functions:

Automatic opening/closing/stopping
programmable intermediate position
External force recognition

Lid drives from Stabilus offer a high level of comfort and safety for opening and closing

With the POWERISE systems from Stabilus, the trunk will open by remote control within seconds. Pressing the remote control again will close it. The rest will happen automatically, safely and reliably.
And, the lid can be stopped in any intermediate position.
Integrated in the POWERISE drives is a sensor system that reliably eliminates safety risks due to improper operation or use.