Valeo clutches

Valeo clutches are available in 1 vehicle out of 3 in Europe. With 1,100 complete kit references and 700 references for spare parts, including hydraulic clutch limit switches and racing clutches, Valeo continuously develops and completes its range of clutches for passenger cars, cars, trucks and agricultural tractors . Manufactured in 12 sites spread across 4 continents, Valeo spare parts and kits are distributed in over 80 countries.

Key benefits
  • a wide range offering 98% coverage of the European fleet

  • a presence on new technologies: double shock-absorbed flywheels, flexible flywheels, hydraulic limit switches, kit specific spare parts

  • high quality spare parts coming from the technologies developed in original equipment and proposals on the spare parts market

  • a mounting instructions CD-ROM with photo sequences and illustrative diagrams. A diagnostic and calculation program completes this information

  • a unique packaging that wraps the kit in a film while keeping the components firmly in place. This packaging guarantees the protection of products during transport