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Wix Filters

Wix filters offers filters for passenger cars and every variety of heavy machinery and equipment. Drawing on many years of experience, with expert staff, modern production lines, and laboratories, under constant quality control, the quality of products excels. Maintaining the highest standards at every stage of filter design and the manufacturing process has also made Wix Filters one of the most-popular brands in the world.

Products range

Wix air filters

An effective air filter stops any microscopic airborne contaminants (such as pollen, dust and asphalt particles) being sucked in by the engine. The quality of the purified air is crucial for the engine to operate properly; pure clean air promotes engine performance, increases torque, and aids fuel consumption.

  • Flame-retardant filter medium
  • Durable and airtight filter seals
  • Pleats stabilised by ribs
  • Modern filter media

Wix oil filters

The engine’s combustion chamber must remain clean, and therefore it also must be protected by a filter which prevents pollutants reaching the oil. The oil filter reduces the wear of close moving parts of the engine and decreases the risk of damage.

  • Materials of the highest quality
  • Customised valves
  • Precise valves tailored to requirements
  • Modern plastics
wix filters fuel filters

Wix fuel filters

The purity of fuel entering the engine is essential because it affects the wear of engine parts such as injectors, pumps, and fuel-pressure valves. Correct fuel filtration is essential to ensure the reliable operation of the engine.

  • Filtration effectiveness
  • Selecting filter media according to the engine
  • Perfect seal
  • The protection of modern injection systems

Wix cabin filters

The cabin filter purifies the air before it enters the cabin. WIX filters stop the pollutants found in the air. This provides comfort to passengers whilst protecting against hay fever, eye irritation and ensure the driver can maintain a high level of concentration. The cabin filter equipped with the Microban system is the optimum solution even for people with pollen allergies.

  • High filtration efficiency
  • Innovative antibacterial protection
  • Installation instructions
  • The role of activated carbon
wix cabin filters