Olsa automotive lighting

OLSAParts aims to distribute the lighting components produce by Olsa industrial in the automotive after market. In its catalogue, there is also lighting equipment for cars and trucks produced by other manufacturers, chosen solely among those that can ensure the highest quality of their articles, using the same quality parameters accepted by Olsa industrial.



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Rear lamps

Esthetics and design are nowadays as much important as security on new vehicles. Rear Lamps are one of the most distinctive features giving them their unique and special car maker signature

OLSA works in close relation with customers in order to always create new rear lamps following design wishes and engineering needs, limits and requirements.

Nowadays the trend is to have as much services as possible equipped with LED but we also produce them with conventional incandescent bulbs or with a mixed technology bulbs-LEDs, depending on the customer needs.

Advantages of LEDs towards conventional bulbs are the following:
longer lifetime and consequently reduced maintenance and service
lower energy consumption
smaller space needed
wider range of performance in light output

Interior lighting

Interior lighting is more a crossover type of lighting. Usually carmakers tend to require standard modules which can be then enriched with OPT and used on various models of their range:

– basic lights without reading light, with simple switches (push, cursor or balance switches)
– higher level light with reading lights function

fanali auto Olsa
Exterior lighting

Also small exterior lighting can be designed and engineered to be ready to use on more models or even on future ones. This is what normally car makers tend to do with license plate lamps, rear reflectors, side markers and side repeaters in the fender or in the outside mirrors.

Starting from this need, it is important to engineer the parts in the most flexible and  way to allow their use in various projects.