By constantly updating its range of innovative linear axes, Bosch Rexroth Linear Motion Systems has been leading the field for more than 30 years. Thanks to our extremely wide and varied range of products and services, we’re a leading provider in all sectors and for all linear motion technology applications.


Bosch Rexroth Compact Modules

Bosch Rexroth compact modules

Bosch Rexroth Compact modules are precision, ready-to-install linear systems offering high performance within a compact envelope and selectable length, combined with an economical price-to performance ratio.

Characteristic features
Five fine-tuned sizes based on a compact precision aluminum profile with two integrated pre-tensioned Ball
Rail Systems
Identical external dimensions between Compact Modules types CKK and CKR.
Four different lube versions (see the following pages and the “Lubrication” chapter)
Ready-to-install Compact Modules in any length up to Lmax
Aluminum carriages available in different versions depending on load

CKK Compact Modules

Low profile precision aluminum frame with two integrated Ball Rail® systems
Precision Ball Screw Assemblies to tolerance grade 7 with zero-clearance nut systems
Aluminum fixed bearing end block with two-row preloaded angular contact bearing
Floating bearing end block with double bearings
One or two aluminum carriages with integrated runner blocks

CKR Compact Modules

Extremely compact precision aluminum profile with two integrated ball rail guides for optimal movement of heavy loads at high speeds
Ready-to-install Compact Modules in selectable lengths up to Lmax
Short or long aluminum carriage lengths available, depending on application load
Driven by a pre-tensioned, steel-cord reinforced polyurethane toothed belt

Bosch Rexroth Linear Modules

Bosch Rexroth Linear modules

Ready-to-install linear modules in any length up to Lmax
Extremely compact aluminum profile with integrated Rexroth Ball rail systems (MKK/MKR) or cam roller guides (MLR)
Identical exterior profile dimensions between Linear modules MKK, MKR, MLR
Various carriage versions.
Individual lubrication versions for connection to central lubrication systems

MKK Linear Modules

Mkk linear modules with ball rail system and precision ball screw assembly for high feed forces, accurate positioning and repeatability.

MKR Linear Modules

Mkr linear modules with ball rail system and toothed belt drive for demanding speed and load requirements.

MLR Linear Modules

Mlr linear modules with cam roller guide and toothed belt drive for high speed applications (up to 10 m/s).

Bosch Rexroth Omega Linear Module

Bosch Rexroth Omega linear modules

The Omega Linear Module OBB is a pre-engineered, belt-driven linear slide that is ready-to-install, can be mounted in any orientation, and is freely configurable up to 5.5 meters. The OBB is designed to meet acceleration speeds up to 50 m/sec2 and achieve speeds up to 5 m/sec, allowing longer movements to be shortened. Moreover, the length of the main body can be configured to a length of 5500 mm, offering widths of 55, 85, 120 mm. Additionally, the OBB is designed with a low traveling system mass making it highly suitable for vertical axes.


– Pick & place
– Handling systems
– Component assembly systems, palletizers
– Feed units for machine tools
– Testing and analysis systems
– Feed units in transfer lines
– Load shifters

Target Markets/Industry Segments

– Handling and assembly
– Electronics and semiconductor industry
– Automotive suppliers and OEMs
– Robotics and automation
– Special-purpose machines
– Packaging technology
– Building services
– Plastics processing
– Textile industry

Bosch Rexroth Precision Modules

Bosch Rexroth Precision modules

Bosch Rexroth Precision Modules are made in the U.S.A. Key features: precise, ready-to-install linear motion systems that combine high performance with compact dimensions, and include favorable price/performance ratios and fast delivery.
With a sealed Ball Screw Assembly on both sides and an upgraded lubrication concept, the new Precision Module, PSK, from Bosch Rexroth meets the operational requirements of semiconductor production and of the electronics industry even better than before. In the new generation, designers increased the rigidity of the frame and cover various usage scenarios in an application-oriented way with two accuracy classes.

Structural Design

Three sizes: PSK-050, PSK-060, PSK-090
Smooth, compact and rigid precision steel profile with integrated Rexroth guideway geometry and machined reference edge
Rexroth Ball Screw Assembly with low-friction seal
One or two steel carriages, in Standard or long versions
Carriage with threads and pin holes
Internal elements protected by optional cover

Bosch Rexroth Linear Slides

Bosch Rexroth linear slides

Linear motion slides are an inexpensive solution for a wide variety of applications. Linear motion slide guides consist of linear bushings that ensure quiet travel and a long service life. Linear motion slides with a closed design are suitable for self-supporting uses. Here, the guide is connected to the mounting base at both ends via shaft support blocks. Linear motion slides with an open design are fastened to the mounting base using shaft support rails.


With Ball Screw Assembly or without drives, closed or open-type
Particularly quiet travel and long service life thanks to integrated Rexroth Super Linear Bushings
Oil and moisture-resistant polyurethane protective bellows (connection through mechanical clamping of the last folds)
Ready-to-install linear motion slides in any length up to Lmax.
In versions that have a drive with precision ball screw assembly (BSA)